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Surveys for tracks

PICTURE: Existing tracks are shown in orange on the Munibung Hill Concept Plan map. Supplied: Steven Cowen, LMCC.

Essential survey work taking place at Munibung Hill

AS THE FIRST STEP in progressing a project to design walking trails at Munibung Hill, a survey of the existing trails has been completed by Council’s surveyors, notes Steven Cowan, Community Land Planner (Sports) at Lake Macquarie City Council, in an email to MHCS, 20 December, 2022.

These are indented in orange on the concept plan in the Munibung Hill Management Plan for anyone interested in getting more background details.
“The survey was completed to accurately identify boundaries of Council owned and private land on Munibung Hill along with exact locations of the existing track network.”

“The work was necessary to inform design briefs for trail design, identify possible easement locations and consider alternative trail alignments.” said Steven.
“The survey includes details on the trail gradients, which demonstrate the steepness of some sections of the trail network and photographs along the trails which demonstrate different trail types within the trail network.”
“In 2023, Council will consider options to progress the trail design within Council land and further explore opportunities for providing public access to the trails on private land,” added Steven.

MMM … Issue 36, February – March 2023