Munibung Hill

Conservation Society

“I am the Lorax! I speak for the trees.

I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”

Dr. Seuss

Munibung Hill Conservation Society

A group of citizens represented by the Munibung Hill Conservation Society (MHCS) has taken on the job of speaking up for Munibung Hill. The Society in association with its affiliates believe that Munibung Hill is worthy of our care and protection.

When we don our various hats we get a big picture appreciation of the various roles Munibung Hill plays within our lives and the wider community.

Our geologist partners would have us understand that Munibung Hill is a great example of the phrase ‘as old as the hills’ and worth appreciating that Munibung Hill emerged 251 million years ago in Gondwanaland time.

Our indigenous partners would have us understand that Munibung Hill is a place of special significance and has been for over 65,000 years.




Our conservation partners would have us pay particular attention to the many plant and animal species that make Munibung Hill their home. Find out more at various places within the website.

Our lovers of the great outdoors partners would highlight the many tracks and trails and opportunities to take a stroll in the bush, a run up the hill, a picnic in the park, a meet-up with family and friends. All in all a boost to our health and well being.

Our visitor economy and business partners would point out that the views from Munibung Hill are not to be missed; that every aspect is worth exploring and when taken as a whole adds up to being a fantastic visitor experience, thoroughly worth the time when living in the local area or visiting from afar.

 The plant and animal communities living on Munibung Hill can be revitalised, the tracks and trails can be improved, the total experience can be enhanced, provided that people of good will, working in concert with Lake Macquarie City Council and our local Independent Member of Parliament, combine their efforts and speak as one. Together any perceived insurmountable obstacles can be overcome.