Discovery & Learning

Bird observing

There are more than 60 species of birds at Munibung Hill.  Learn about the importance of habitat and the critical need to protect and preserve veteran trees – the ones with hollows essential as nesting places for many species. Find out more – connect with Hunter Bird Observers

Education and excursions, Research and field studies

Pre-schools, Primary and Secondary schools – We encourage teachers to include Munibung Hill as a place of  learning for subjects across the curriculum. Home schooled children are also very welcome. An assessment of how Munibung Hill is able to contribute to curriculum requirements has been provided by Warner’s Bay High School, Instructional Leader, Future Focused Learning, Tobias Husband, 14 August 2018. Examples are listed here.

A mixture of coastal wet gully forest, Narabeen Moist Forest and Spotted Gum/Ironbark Forest provides a rich variety of biodiversity for field study opportunities and endangered species management.

CAPA (Creative Arts, Visual Arts and Drama)  
At 169m high it provides unparalleled panoramic views of the lake and opportunities for landscape drawing classes and photography.

The proposal of an observatory and planetarium site on the western face of the hill is particularly exciting to our Science faculty and again provides an opportunity for learning that does not exist anywhere else in our local or even regional space.

The area has a long history as a meeting site and deep connection to the Awabakal nation. For our Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal students, it would be a great show of respect to show our students that despite over-development and fragmentation of the areas surrounding the school we can protect the remaining significant areas and use them for cultural and educational activities.

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education)  
The area is already being used in an unrestricted and environmentally destructive manner by trailbikes. These trails if properly managed and connected to local communities would provide opportunities for our students to engage in bushwalking, running, cycling and general fitness activities.

TAFE and Universities – We invite students and department heads across the various TAFE and university faculties and disciplines to consider Munibung Hill when selecting sites for fieldwork and research.

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