Five-Fold Vision

The Plan

This Five-fold Vision sets out a plan for Munibung Hill to be reinstated as a culturally significant site and for the reintroduction of some plant and animal species that were present pre-European settlement.

The Five aspects acknowledge the diverse interests within the community that the Munibung Hill Conservation Society (MHCS) embraces.  This extensive ongoing consultation process has demonstrated that Munibung Hill warrants a much greater level of care than she is currently receiving.  As a provider of core human needs on a pro-bono basis, Munibung Hill has given much – materially and ecologically.

It is now time to give back.  She is entitled to have us substantiate the sentiments stated in the acknowledgement to country that is spoken so freely at all public events.

For the purpose of establishing the standing of Munibung Hill as an enduring geological landscape, MHCS believes that a collaborative and integrated approach in the framing of a holistic plan is a necessary first step. The community of interest that values beyond measure the intrinsic qualities of Munibung Hill is our raison d’etre.

For more information, download the Five-Fold Vision PDF. Fivefold Vision for Munibung Hill

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