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There are many reasons why getting into nature and walking is good for us.  Here is a short list of titles that may be of interest if you need any justification for being a part of, rather than apart from, nature. And why we need to protect open green spaces in our towns and cities. Why the answers to our many dilemmas are to be found written in the lives of the species that are our collective ancestors – be they fungi, plants or animals and most likely a combination of all three. Biomimicry and Wild Law read like testimonials containing within them lived examples of the solutions nature has employed on her way to preparing the framework for human life.  Little wonder why nature is good for us mentally, physically and spiritually.

read a Janine Benyus book such as Biomimicry
read a Thomas Berry book, Dream of the Earth or The Great Work
read a Cormac Cullinan book, Wild Law

Richard Louv: Last Child in the Woods 
Jennifer Morgan: The Universe Tells Our Earth Story 
Alison Pouliot: The Allure of Fungi 
Scott Sampson: How to Raise a Wild Child 
Jo Schofield & Fiona Danks: The Stick Book 
The Deep Time Walk – mobile app. 
Peter Wohlleben: Can You Here The Trees Talking?  and The Secret Network of Nature 
Alicia Wild et al: The Forest in the Tree 
Florence Williams: The Nature Fix – see articles  and listen to audio interview
Jane Worroll & Peter Houghton: Play the Forest School Way

A few more reasons for opening up our senses to the earth stories that ancient cultures have known about for centuries: 
Awabakal book writing project: Where’s Our Water, by Aboriginal Students at Newcastle High School – read the e-book version at the link
Green Magazine press: Walkers Journal
Shane O’Mara: In Praise of Walking  (Guardian review here)
The Conversation: Green Prescriptions, a healthy, easily accessible, freely available means of keeping well.
Tomaree: An Ancient Summit, Directed and Narrated by Lachlan Carney – Watch on YouTube