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Juvenile Black cockatoos
Eastern Banjo Frog
Brown Goshawk
26.08.08 T.Clarke, Bird Observers Society
Red Wattlebird
Little Wattlebird
Pheasant coucal
Long-necked Tortoise
Swamp Harrier
Photo credit: T.Clarke 10.09.08
Common Green Tree Snake
17.10.18 at 8.30am This species has a yellow belly, is non-venomous and is common in eastern Australia Image by Eric Vanderduys, in ‘What Snake is that?’ Hunter & Central Coast
Eastern yellow robin
Nankeen Kestrel
With lizard
White-bellied Sea Eagle
Threatened species
Welcome Swallow
Eastern Water Dragon
Southern Brown Bandicoot
White-plumed Honeyeater
A wallaby, not unlike this one, was spotted on the south west side of Munibung Hill in 2018
Blue wren
Diamond Python
Powerful Owl
Threatened species
Tawny frogmouth
Bearded Dragon
Red-bellied Black Snake
Ring-tailed Possum
Image courtesy Museum Victoria
Beautiful Firetail
Blue-tongue lizard
Brushtail Possum
Image by David Cook
Masked Owl
Threatened species
Goanna/Lace Monitor
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