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Munibung Hill Conservation Society Membership / Affiliate Application Form

There is no membership fee. Belonging is most important.
– Donations are welcome. We are a voluntary not-for-profit group.
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For Families and Organisations, please let us know how many people this application form represents.
Note: We aim to minimise the use of paper, there will be no confirmation letter. The Five-Fold Vision for Munibung Hill sets out the Society’s agenda.


Munibung Hill as a portion of land within the Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) LGA has become a neglected area that lacks an overall plan for its care and maintenance. In April 2022 Lake Macquarie City Council adopted a Management Plan for Munibung Hill.

Munibung Hill Conservation Society (MHCS) has a vision for its care, repair and long term custodianship that aims to highlight the actions needed to drive the changes necessary for conservation and protection, and control invasive introduced plants and animals before they become the dominant species;

Munibung Hill is currently viewed as either a secret and private place for personal use where civil society codes of conduct apply or, a place where people encroach on this special place with no holds barred (not abiding by the rules or common courtesies) for whatever anti-social behaviour they see fit;

MHCS is committed to advocating on behalf of this important portion of land such that Munibung is recognised as a most significant piece of ‘country’, housing a vast community of plant and animal species integral to the quality of life within Lake Macquarie City.

Goals & Objectives

[summarised in The Five-Fold Vision for Munibung Hill]

To act in an advocacy capacity for the:

    • Preservation of the Munibung Hill* Precinct Area;
    • Restoration of degraded areas within the Munibung Hill landscape;
    • Protection of Munibung Hill as a significant site within First Peoples’ culture;
    • Recognition by way of declaration as a conservation area, that Munibung Hill is a vital plant and animal habitat, especially for endangered species;
    • Acknowledgement of Munibung Hill as an example of our common geological heritage;
    • Promotion of Munibung Hill as a place of learning, inspiration, rest & recreation and research;
    • ‘elevation’ of Munibung Hill within the LMCC tourism plan;
    • Contribution that Munibung Hill can make in terms of employment and economic activity;
    • Role that Munibung Hill can play within LMCCs connectivity** goals;
    • Allocation of resources and funding sufficient for the above objectives to be realised.

*Munibung Hill being that portion or portions of land as defined in LMCC reports.
**Connectivity by way of paths and tracks.
LMCC – Lake Macquarie City Council;
LGA – Local Government Area
MHCS – Munibung Hill Conservation Society