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Munibung Hill Conservation Society Membership / Affiliate Application Form

There is no membership fee. Belonging is most important.
– Donations are welcome. We are a voluntary not-for-profit group.
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> Direct deposit to: Westpac, BSB: 032521, Account: 282863
For Families and Organisations, please let us know how many people this application form represents.
Note: We aim to minimise the use of paper, there will be no confirmation letter. The Five-Fold Vision for Munibung Hill sets out the Society’s agenda.


Munibung Hill as a portion of land within the Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) LGA has become a neglected area that lacks an overall plan for its care and maintenance;
Munibung Hill without a vision for its care, repair and long term custodianship will continue to deteriorate, allowing invasive introduced plants and animals to become the dominant species;
Munibung Hill is currently viewed as either a secret and private place for personal use
where civil society codes of conduct apply or a place where people encroach on this special place with no holds barred (not abiding by the rules or common courtesies) for whatever anti-social behaviour they see fit;
MHCS is committed to advocating on behalf of this important portion of land such that Munibung is recognised as a most significant piece of ‘country’, housing a vast community of plant and animal species integral to the quality of life within Lake Macquarie City.

Goals & Objectives

[summarised in The Five-Fold Vision for Munibung Hill]

To act in an advocacy capacity for the:

    • Preservation of the Munibung Hill* Precinct Area;
    • Restoration of degraded areas within the Munibung Hill landscape;
    • Protection of Munibung Hill as a significant site within First Peoples’ culture;
    • Recognition by way of declaration as a conservation area, that Munibung Hill is a vital plant and animal habitat, especially for endangered species;
    • Acknowledgement of Munibung Hill as an example of our common geological heritage;
    • Promotion of Munibung Hill as a place of learning, inspiration, rest & recreation and research;
    • ‘elevation’ of Munibung Hill within the LMCC tourism plan;
    • Contribution that Munibung Hill can make in terms of employment and economic activity;
    • Role that Munibung Hill can play within LMCCs connectivity** goals;
    • Allocation of resources and funding sufficient for the above objectives to be realised.

*Munibung Hill being that portion or portions of land as defined in LMCC reports.
**Connectivity by way of paths and tracks.
LMCC – Lake Macquarie City Council;
LGA – Local Government Area
MHCS – Munibung Hill Conservation Society