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Looking across Lake Macquarie with Warners Bay centre left, Belmont and Swansea on the horizon, Eleebana Point and Valentine Point centre right
Looking across the suburbs with Lakelands in the foreground, Warners Bay Industrial Estate centre, Charelstown top left and Redhead top right
Looking across Lake Macquarie with Bolton Point lower right, Coal Point towards centre left and Vales Point Power Station centre in front of mountain range on the horizon
Looking across Warners Bay with Fairfax Road in the bottom foreground, right; Warners Bay suburb centre and on the horizon, Belmont and Swansea top right
View across Lake Macquarie and suburbs with two prominent telecommunications towers standing atop Mount Sugarloaf
Redhead centre left with ships at anchor off the coast
Looking across Lake Macquarie to the south, with Feighan Park in lower left
Looking across Lake Macquarie with Warners Bay shopping precinct and apartments centre left
Balkira View Lookout
Ocean View Lookout
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