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Track planning begins

Track Strategy planning begins

ONE of the first actions resulting from the Munibung Hill Management Plan, involves Council’s Recreation and Land Planning section preparing the Access and Track Management Strategy.
“The first action is to ‘arrange a full survey of the boundaries of Council owned land on Munibung Hill’.  Council needs to be certain about which land parcels existing track alignments are located on – Council land or adjoining private land of the Waste Assets Management Corporation (WAMC) land, so that any necessary arrangements, lease negotiations or route realignments can be determined,” said Steven Cowen, Community Land Planner (Sports).   

“Council’s surveyors will be engaged to complete this work in the coming months. Further actions directed toward the design of walking tracks at Munibung Hill, will follow the completion of the survey,” Steven added.

Council is still some months away from any substantive work commencing at Munibung Hill. While the Management Plan sets out what work is to be undertaken and estimated costs, these still have to finalised before on-site upgrades get the go-ahead. 

MMM … Issue 33, September 2022