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Some things that are going up need to be brought down

What to do, about rising C02?

It’s a good question to ask in the first quarter of the year. The trend line in the graph below indicates a pattern that doesn’t auger well for human society unless steps are taken to reverse the trend. The stats for 2021 and January 2022 have not been plotted but they mimic the trend that is evident: January 2021 – 416.78ppm and January 2022 – 419.80ppm.

Given the significance of climate change to all living and non-living entities on Mother Earth, the question posed should be Number 1 in our list of priorities of what we seek from our political parties come the next election. An organisation that is not aligned politically but is putting its energies into informing the communities of who is doing what in terms of climate change is Vote Earth Now. Here is how they promote themselves online:

Vote Earth Now is an unbiased, non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation to fight climate change in the most powerful way we can as citizens of a democracy. 

We educate and empower you to use your future vote to encourage political action now.

We are all volunteers and from all walks of life – we try to be completely politically independent. We are fiercely committed to fighting climate change and to saving all forms of life on this planet. Even politicians! Find out about us below.

So, for details on this organisation and the insight into who is doing what, and who isn’t, take a look at the following: Vote Earth now