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Loop Walk

PICTURE: One of the most popular walks at Munibung Hill, featured in the 12 Great Walks menu on the Munibung Hill website. It is one of a series of maps prepared by David Bretreger – a bonus map under the Koworowal (Bandicoot) Loop Walk.

THE Southern Loop Walk includes the Songlines Walk taking in the ridgeline from north to south. It’s a good all-rounder with three lookouts. It is also featured on AllTrails with a range of comments, mostly favourable, but also ‘wouldn’t do again.’

For example, this post from Jack, October 3, 22 – “Great views, plenty of birds, a bit steep and slippery, use the navigation setting if doing the full loop, there’s lots of side trails. Try it. People from all over the world have done this walk.”