You are currently viewing Hundreds of submissions to  Munibung Hill Management Plan

Hundreds of submissions to  Munibung Hill Management Plan

The community consultation held in March / April literally brought people out of the woodwork to submit their ideas about what they thought should or shouldn’t happen at Munibung Hill.

The Facebook reach was incredible and the number of completed surveys, while perhaps not a record, was virtually double what Council normally receives. MHCS is delighted with the results.

  • Facebook reach of over 76,000, with over 10,000 online engagements (reactions, comments, shares etc).
  • 2.600 visitors to the Shape Lake Mac web page
  • 398 completed surveys – a fantastic result
  • 91 comments on the Social Pinpoint interactive map

Since April, Umwelt, the consultants appointed by Council to carry out the site study and prepare a draft Management Plan for Munibung Hill, have been working in conjunction with Council staff to get the plan ready for public exhibition later in the year.

We are informed that:
Council spoke with landowners over June to gain additional feedback on some initial concepts for the Management Plan. This feedback will enable council to refine the concept plans and visual representations, and begin design on the management framework for the site.

Council is aiming to exhibit the Draft Munibung Hill Management Plan before the end of 2021.

First published in MMM, Issue 20, July 2021