You are currently viewing Concept plan for Munibung Hill being reviewed by Lake Mac Council

Concept plan for Munibung Hill being reviewed by Lake Mac Council

The environment and planning consultants, Umwelt, appointed by Council to carry out a site study and prepare a draft Management Plan, presented a Concept Plan for Munibung Hill to Council in August.

With no progress reports about how the Management Plan was progressing, some people had become a little skeptical about the community consultation that took place in April.  We can assure you that the planning process is on track with the next opportunity to provide feedback expected before the end of the year.

Once Council has reviewed the Umwelt study findings and provided feedback, Umwelt will update the Concept Plan and produce a draft Management Plan.  This will then be assessed by Council, with the final document containing scenarios and illustrations of how Munibung Hill will be managed in the future.

The draft Management Plan is then scheduled to be presented to Council recommending it be placed on public exhibition – expected to be in October 2021. 

More visitors prove how popular Munibung Hill is

‘It’s like Pitt Street up here, since the lockdown,’ said one of the many walkers we came across while walking on the north eastern slopes recently.

First timers, regular visitors, couples and families make up the mix of people appreciating the landscape, the views and the chance to get in to the bush for a couple of hours or more.

The 12 Walks at Munibung Hill maps are making it easier for people to explore with confidence – they can see ‘where from’ and ‘where to’ rather than heading into the bush ‘blind’.

MMM … Issue 22, October 2021