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Foliage corridors

PICTURE:  Newcastle City Councillor Elizabeth Adamczyk has visions that the city will provide healthy ecosystems that support native pollinators.

Native-friendly foliage corridors
“On roadways, median strips, on the walls, balconies and roofs of buildings, in gardens and parks, and along transport corridors.”

IF YOU WERE TO ASK SOMEONE from Newcastle what the city is known for, they’d likely say the beaches, Silverchair or perhaps its 90s-esque moniker, “steel city”.

In: Newcastle council plan aims to create ‘pollinator paradise’ for native bees near site of first varroa mite outbreak, Bridget Murphy (ABC Newcastle, Mon 8 May 2023) reports that: Councillor Elizabeth Adamczyk wants Novocastrians to add “pollinator paradise” to that list.
“We are the first city in Australia to commit as a local government to being a pollinator-friendly city,” she said. Cr Adamczyk is a lecturer in planning, with a PhD in human geography, as well as a Councillor for Newcastle City Council.

“I am excited to imagine the city [of Newcastle] buzzing with life with a flourishing pollinator habitat all through our city,” said Councillor Adamczyk.

Pollination-friendly infrastructure has been successfully trialled in the United Kingdom, including bus stops capped with specific types of foliage to support pollinating animals.

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