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Fivefold Vision for Munibung Hill

Plan reflects Society’s Fivefold Vision
Munibung Hill is a stand out with high ecological values.

When it comes to reporting on what we like about Munibung Hill, a short form list is our best way to capture what has been said in community comments when the Plan was on public exhibition last year.

• increased recreation and fitness opportunities
• conservation and environmental protection
• improved mental health and wellbeing
• enhanced connection to nature
• opportunities for education
• improved awareness of the history and Indigenous heritage
• more visibility creating a sense of community surveillance could discourage illegal activity at the area
• greater connectivity between local suburbs
• increasing tourism opportunities and employment and business development opportunities
• increase in property values in the area. 

When boiled down to these dot points, they pretty much reflect the content of the MHCS Fivefold Vision that the Society has submitted to Council on a number of occasions over the course of getting to where we are now.

Nothing substantive is about to happen this year
We are living in the age of plans, a number of which are required before any of on-the-ground work can take place.

In the Munibung Hill Management Plan, Table C1.3 LSPS Strategic Planning Priority Actions summarises the strategic planning priority actions set out by the Strategic Planning Statement that has been considered in developing the Management Plan. There’s no doubt about it, Munibung Hill is a significant landscape. 

 6.3 Work with State Government and other councils to enhance Greater Newcastle’s Blue and Green Grid.
 6.4 Implement policy and practices that minimise the rezoning of land identified to contain ‘high ecological value’ vegetation.
 6.5 Prepare, review, and implement guidelines (and associated planning controls) to ensure that biodiversity, and ecological connectivity are adequately assessed.
 6.8 Review and revise the Lake Macquarie Heritage Strategy to ensure it continues to support the identification, conservation, protection, management and interpretation of important Aboriginal and European heritage places and landscapes.
 7.5 Prepare a Green Infrastructure Strategy.

MMM … Issue 31, July 2022