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Councillors vote for site inspection and community vision at Munibung Hill

Of the people, by the people, for the people.  Democracy was at work on 22 June 2020 when Lake Macquarie City Council passed a Motion recommending a site inspection by Councillors be held and a report be prepared about implementing a community vision for Munibung Hill.

The Motion was the work of Cr Wendy Harrison, supported by Cr Barney Langford, in association with Council staff and the Munibung Hill Conservation Society (MHCS).   

Deputy Mayor Cr Nick Jones summed up the proceedings: “Congratulations to Cr Harrison and Cr Langford and all the staff involved and of course all the residents that Cr Harrison rightly pointed out.  It’s a bit of a strange one – I worked in Warners Bay for eight (8) years and I lived in this area for 30 something years and  paid very little attention to Munibung Hill, which is shame on me, considering the size of the thing, but I think any progress in the direction that makes the site more accessible and usable and user friendly for people would be a fantastic outcome.  I appreciate what all this work could potentially be. So thank you again Councillors for bringing this to us tonight.”

It is worth noting that all of the nine (9) councillors present at the meeting voted for the Motion.  It is also important to note that the unanimous vote crossed over all the political persuasions – Labor, Liberal and Independent, and all three (3) wards – West ward where Munibung Hill is located, North ward and East ward.  There were no against votes or abstentions.

To read a full transcript of the item as noted in the Council business paper, click on the link: LMCC NoM, Ordinary Meeting, 22 June 2020   To listen to the presentations at the Council meeting, click here:  20NM009 Munibung Hill, Council meeting, 22 June 2020   (Note … Drag the play dot across to 28 min. 40 sec. to listen – duration is 8 min.).

It’s been a long and winding road – to quote the title of a Beatles song – but the end result will be worth it.  If you are inclined to search for item 20NM009 in the Council business papers then scroll down to pages 191-192 for the Notice of Motion, Background report and Recommendations.  

The Newcastle Herald reported on the Motion in a story by Max McKinney: Council eyes upgrades to Munibung Hill (Newcastle Herald, 27 June 2020).  McKinney writes: 

‘COMMUNITY hopes of improved access to Munibung Hill have been given a boost after Lake Macquarie Council moved to potentially fast track site upgrades.

In reaction to increased visitation to the area during the coronavirus lockdown, the council this week voted to conduct a site inspection and have the general manager report on the progress of existing plans to improve and preserve the scenic site.

Councillors Wendy Harrison and Barney Langford proposed a motion which called for staff to advise on barriers to implementation of the Glendale Contributions Plan, opportunities to address those barriers and programs to conceive and implement a community vision for Munibung Hill.’

Get the full story here: Council eyes upgrades to Munibung Hill   or click on the drop down menu About Munibung Hill and scroll down to Newsletters, Media and Council Matters.