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Woodlands Walk

It was a typical Spring day with warm temperatures and sunny skies.

What a way to start the weekend but with a woodlands walk with Wendy.

Nature Walk with the Wilderness Society Newcastle, is a monthly event held at locations around the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie area.  And the September 14th walk was at Munibung Hill, with the starting point being Speers Point.  

“Come and enjoy the spring bush flowers and the fantastic views of Lake Macquarie as we explore the hilltop bush land and uncover the areas cultural heritage”, said the blurb from walk organiser Kim West.

As usual Munibung Hill did not disappoint.  For first time visitors it was an eye opener as it has been for so many in the past.  Even long term visitors find Munibung Hill full of amazing sights and sounds to discover each time they make the trek along one of the bush land tracks.

Visitors who get the opportunity to walk with Wendy are treated to all the fascinating botanical stories that comes from spending hours on Munibung Hill as she has done over the last 20 odd years.

Wendy is a wealth of information, being able to identify and name most of the trees and flowering plants.  It is important to know what’s native and what’s not.  Check out the website gallery for pictures.

The plan was to spend a couple of hours meandering amongst the trees and shrubs. But it’s easy to get lost – at least figuratively – as you stop to admire the views, take a closer look at this tree or that fungi or just rest a while to soak up the ambience.  And to wonder what it must have been like to live in these parts back in Awabakal people’s times. before European settlement wreaked such massive changes to their homeland.

Munibung Hill is the ideal place for children.  The families on the walk have discovered a new ‘adventure park’.  If you’ve never been to Munibung Hill, pull on some walking shoes, grab a water bottle and a hat and be prepared for a wonderful walk in the woodlands right in the heart of Lake Macquarie.

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Go to the Wilderness Society Facebook page for a selection of pictures posted by some of the walkers. Click on the bush photos with the dates 14 and 15 September 2019 and use the arrows to view:  Wilderness Society Munibung Hill woodlands walk