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Ways to kick the waste habit with Anita Vandyke

It seems like an oxymoron to say that it’s a waste to produce waste.  It was Ray Anderson, Chairman of Interface Inc. who said: “All waste is lost profit.”  He said we dig up raw materials, make them into products, discarding valuable portions as we go, and when we’re finished using the end product – be it furniture, white goods, electronics building materials, food left overs – toss them out as if to say ‘what once was of so much value we wanted to possess it, now consider them rubbish and toss them out, because they/it has no value.’  Strange.  An odd way to operate a modern civilised society.  And yet this is what we are doing every day, in many aspects of our lives.

Anita Vandyke has another take on this waste mentality.  In her book: A Zero Waste Life in 30 days, she turns the tables on this way of thinking.

She says that by practising zero waste principles, we actually gain more – more time, more money and more life.  A Zero Waste Life is the ultimate guide to radically reducing our waste, without losing our lifestyle.

This practical book is a call to action with a fresh ‘can do’ approach. Over thirty days we learn how to make sustainable, ethical choices when it comes to shopping, eating, travel, beauty and so much more. Small changes can make a big difference, and by following these easy, creative steps we can all do more to live within the earth’s carrying capacity.

A good way to get started is to put together a zero waste kit.   For more read this review of the book: A zero waste life, SMH

For all that we like to think that visitors to Munibung Hill will take their rubbish with them, this is sadly not the case.  There are far too many bottles, can, cartons, fast food containers, old tyres – to list a few – that are left behind.  It seems one persons idea of pleasure and enjoyment has to include messing up what will be the next persons opportunity to experience enjoyable times on the Hill.

It’s not rocket science to live in more harmonious ways with Mother Earth.  Amy French is a fan of Vandyke, not in a sentimental way, but because she gets down to tin tacs with real world ideas that we can implement in easy to follow steps.  Get the Amy French perspective here.