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The opportunity to reunite divided land

Healing Country for this and future generations

Munibung Hill is not alone in being a virtual island landscape cut off from surrounding bushland, which landlocks many species of wildlife living in these places. Remnant vegetation areas are recognised as being of great importance for the preservation of species, especially in suburban areas and along roads.

To the east of Munibung Hill is one of these important landlocked areas, but it doesn’t have to be. The announcement of an upgrading at Hillsborough Road, provides the NSW government with a wonderful opportunity to reunite divided land, to provide a vital wildlife bushland connection, as well as improve walking track connectivity. 

We are proposing that a Wildlife Overpass (Bridge) be constructed in conjunction with the Stage One Hillsborough Road upgrade to link the conservation area to the north west with the bushland area to the south east- adjacent to Charlestown Golf Course. (See story later in the magazine)

The decisions of past governments and administrations are what they are; in many cases made with the best intentions, based on the best knowledge available at the time.  We can’t be expected to have known then what we know now. This project is a case in point.

We are calling on our present day decision makers to factor into their plans, the best science we can bring to the table such that, we don’t compound the errors of the past, by overlooking or worse, ignoring the best evidence now available to right some wrongs.

In association with this work, we believe an Aboriginal Art project, on the inner lining of the overpass arch would provide an opportunity for local indigenous artists to showcase their culture and identity with country.  

This would be a win for road users, a win for nature, a win for indigenous artists.

Members and supporters have the opportunity to contribute to the planning process with the first round deadline being Friday 6 August, 2021. 

Transport of NSW says: Your feedback will help us to understand what is important to you and to deliver the best outcome for the community. It will also help us to fast track the delivery of Stage 1 and to continue planning for Stages 2 and 3.

In your own words say something along the lines of ..

We support the Hillsborough Road upgrade plans. Reducing congestion on local roads, ensuring traffic flows smoothly so as to minimise time spent held up in traffic jams, reducing motorists frustration and making it easier and safer for residents to enter and exit the suburb of Hillsborough, are all good things. We agree with all of the actions to deal with these traffic concerns. 

However, the upgrade plan fails to address the important issue of wildlife welfare. We therefore request that a Wildlife Overpass (bridge) be constructed as an integral part of Stage One of the Hillsborough Road upgrade. This small infrastructure project over Hillsborough Road, near the Crockett Street intersection, would:

  1. provide connectivity in the form of a native animal corridor between a conservation area in South Cardiff and the bushland around Charlestown Golf Club,
  2. provide for safer pedestrian and walking track connectivity, and a possible extension of the Great North Walk,
  3. permit an Aboriginal Art installation on the inner lining of the Wildlife Overpass,
  4. reduce road-kill of wildlife, and injuries to wildlife requiring veterinary hospital intensive care,
  5. reduce wildlife crossing attempts leading to road-kill trauma for motorists, damage to vehicles requiring panel beating repairs and insurance claims.

The community and stakeholders are invited to provide comment by 5pm on Friday 6 August 2021 to:


Hillsborough Road Project Manager
Transport for NSW,
Locked Bag 2030,
Newcastle NSW 2300

Issue 21, August 2021