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Tim Winton

Reading, watching and listening

The Book of Nature Connection is packed with fun activities for using all our senses to engage with nature in a deep and nourishing way. Spending  time in nature with all senses tuned and primed helps us feel like we belong to the natural world – and in belonging, we come to feel more connected, nourished, and alive.  Ideal for educators, caregivers and anyone looking to reconnect and become a nature sommelier!

Spider Stories: My journey from phobia to fascination
Fully illustrated in color, this is a personal story about spiders and arachnophobia. With more than a touch of humor, deep curiosity, and an artist’s eye, Hildergunn Hoone examines her phobia and the object of her fear. What is a spider? What makes these eight-legged creatures so scary?
To understand her own reactions to spiders better, she describes her many past and present encounters with them. In Spider Stories, she looks back to her childhood in Norway, to the USA, to holidays in Spain and Portugal, and to travels around Australia. She focuses on fine examples of these astonishing creatures from many places.

The Age of Seeds
Plants evolved seeds to hack time. Thanks to seeds they can cast their genes forward into the future, enabling species to endure across seasons and years. When a 2000-year-old extinct date palm seed was discovered, no one expected it to still be alive. But it sprouted a healthy young date palm. 
That seeds produced millennia ago could still be viable today suggests seeds are capable of extreme life-spans. Yet many seeds, including those crucial to our everyday lives, don’t live very long at all. In The Age of Seeds Fiona McMillan-Webster tells the amazing story of seed longevity, the crucial role they play in our everyday lives, and what that might mean for our future.

This is a film about the intertwined fates of trees and humans in a poetic portrait of environmentalist Bob Brown and the Forest – from the Franklin campaign for Tasmania’s last wild river, to today’s battle for the Tarkine rainforest.
Told in Bob Brown’s own words, his story is interwoven with the extraordinary life cycle of Australia’s giant trees, brought to the screen with stunning cinematography and immersive animated forest landscapes.

Tim Winton on Soul Search 
Ningaloo Reef – on the remote west coast of Australia – is the playground of whales, manta rays and black-flanked rock wallabies. The world-heritage site has inspired author Tim Winton for decades, in his writng and environmental activism.
He joins Meredith Lake to discuss wildness, divinity and place, on Soul Search, ABC RN.

MMM … Issue 38, June – July 2023