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What values do we attach to nature

Sensory Studies Manifesto
DAVID HOWES challenges the assumptions of mainstream Western psychology by foregrounding the agency, interactivity, creativity, and wisdom of the senses as shaped by culture. The Sensory Studies Manifesto sets the stage for a reorientation of research in the human sciences and artistic practice.

The Perfect Hollow
GREATER GLIDERS are uniquely Australian, gum-leaf-eating, fluffy, gliding marsupials that live in hollows in tall eucalypt trees.

This fun, rhyming story follows one Greater Glider’s search for the perfect hollow, with some scary, hairy and amusing adventures along the way. While light-hearted and fun, The Perfect Hollow – A Greater Glider Story, is also gently educational, introducing children to the importance of quality habitat and tree hollow homes.

The value of a whale
TRACING the connections between financial power, economic injustice and ecological crisis, Adrienne Buller exposes the myopic economism and market-centric thinking presently undermining a future where all life can flourish. The book examines what is wrong with main-stream climate and environmental governance, from carbon pricing and offset markets to ‘green growth’, the commodification of nature and influence of finance on policy.

Curlews on Vulture Street
ACCLAIMED urban ecologist Darryl Jones reveals the not-so-secret lives of the most common birds that share our towns and cities. A fascinating story of curiosity, discovery, adven-ture and conflict, played out in city streets and backyards. He provides rare insights into the intimate lives of some of our most beloved and feared, despised and admired neighbours. You’ll never see crows, magpies, curlews, ibis, lorikeets and cockatoos in the same way again.

‘Planet Local: A Quiet Revolution’
This is a film that features grassroots activists from every continent, along-side figures like Russell Brand, Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva, Naomi Klein, and Jane Goodall.  The crude ‘bigger is better’ narrative that has dominated economic thinking for centuries is being challenged. Countless initiatives are already underway to protect and restore human-scale local economies, communities and the natural world, demonstrating that human beings need not be the problem – we can be the solution.  The film is free to download from Vimeo.

Coastal Weeds Identification Handbook – Lake Macquarie Landcare Resource Centre
Know our weed plants.

WITH the news that there are now more introduced plant species in Australia than indigenous varieties, it is more important than ever that we know these invasive species so we can weed them out.
Lake Macquarie Landcare has produced resources to help us identify the plants we need to get on top of – to weed out of our landscapes. Check out these factsheets: Weeds: Targeting your efforts; Garden Weeds and Coastal Weeds ID Book.

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