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For the eyes and the ears

Making a Nest
Places to call home and raise a family. These apply to the other than human species such as birds and mammals, reptiles and more. In Making a Nest, just a few words with each picture is all that’s needed to tell the story. And this is the time of year – coming into Spring – when many creatures are in the nest building business.

Australia’s First Naturalists
As silent partners, Aboriginal Australians gave Europeans their first views of iconic animals, such as the Koala and Superb Lyrebird, and helped to unravel the mystery of the egg-laying mammals: the Echidna and Platypus. Well into the twentieth century, Indigenous people were routinely engaged by collectors, illustrators and others with an interest in Australia’s animals.

Go Wild
This is a book filled with more than 50 easy-to-follow projects, this outdoor activity magazine gives kids all they need to get fit and stay happy. 
From tracking wildlife and building dens to printing with leaves and creating dandelion honey, it’s full of fun things to build, grow, collect, and bake, encouraging children to explore nature, discover new skills, and make the most of the great outdoors.

Dark Cloud
Guillaume Pitron, in conversation with Ebony Bennett on his new book The Dark Cloud. How the digital world is costing the earth, a gripping new investigation into the underbelly of digital technology.
If digital technology were a country, it would be the third-highest consumer of electricity behind China and the United States.

Tipping Point
The true story of ‘The Limits to Growth’
The Tipping Point, May 2023
Hosted by Katy Shields, this is a three-part podcast with fascinating background material, audio from the time, and insights for the future.

Repurposing salvaged building materials
Director of Revival Projects, Robbie Neville, shows Jonathan Green (ABC RN Blueprint for Living) around his Collingwood workshop where salvaged building materials from demolition sites are repurposed.
“This is the future of circular building practices,” says Indigenous design expert Beau de Belle.  Listen here

MMM … Issue 39, August – September 2023