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Planetary boundaries provide ecological limits that are good for our health

What are the limits to our human encroachment on the other than human world of which we are a part?

That’s a question that has exercised the minds of people for some time, until now that is.  At the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden, scientists in collaboration with other research organisations, have determined that there are nine, what they call, planetary boundaries that we need to respect and be happy to live within.

A series of workshops / webinars, is being held by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA), to explore these limits.  It’s being held between July 22 and August 26, and can be accessed here: Planetary boundaries, Introduction.

Learning about Earth Systems Science is a key foundation subject within this field of enquiry.  Professor Will Steffen will lead this session. 

And if we are apply these principles then they need to be within a framework that can sustain human society long into the future.  The proposed way to achieve this is: Bioregions: The building blocks for understanding and living within our ecological limits.  This workshop is led by Gethin Morgan.

Expanding the field into the humanities, means grappling with societal rules and regulations that is covered in the field of Planetary Boundaries and legal innovation.  There are two prongs to this field of thinking, first up – Earth Systems Law and the Common Home of Humanity,   followed by: Ecological Law and Earth Jurisprudence.

For more on the nine planetary boundaries log on here9 Planetary Boundaries