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Munibung Hill Management Plan on track

Slowly but surely the Management Plan is wending its way through the administrative process that all such proposals go through.

It can seem like a long drawn out and tedious exercise for a plan to get from concept stage to implementation. The Munibung Hill plan is no exception to the rule.  While we would all like to see some work get underway as soon as possible, it is still some months away before we will see any tangible action. 

“Council staff have completed their review of the document and proposed changes are currently being completed by the consultant,” said Brendan Callander, Section Manager Community Assets, Lake Macquarie City Council

“We are hoping to have the document completed in time to allow it to be reported to Council at the March meeting,” Mr Callander said.

Assuming the Management Plan and associated Concept Plan is approved by Councillors, the next stage will involve a Vegetation Management Plan and then budget allocations for the 2022/23 financial year.  This will need to be in place before a works schedule is prepared, so we are still a few steps away from any contractors or Council staff appearing on-site to begin track upgrades, erosion control and the installation of other facilities.

We would ask that those of us who have been involved in largish projects over the years, keep reminding those who are unfamiliar with such projects that the wheels move slowly.  The number of hoops that have to be negotiated does not happen overnight, unless of course it’s considered an emergency, in which case there are no holds barred. 

But Munibung Hill is not one of these. The name of the game, is to remain quietly confident that there are good people on the case and they are doing their best.  This is an us-together project, that will only eventuate if we remain supportive, vigilant, consistent and persistent.

MMM … Issue 27, March 2022