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Getting kids outdoors

PICTURE: Linda Drummond, author, How to Raise Outdoor Kids, Australian Geographic. Image sourced from internet.

Our motto for getting kids outdoors: Make it Munibung

LINDA DRUMMOND author of How to Raise Outdoor Kids delivered a talk at Belmont library last year, suggesting some ideal ways for getting kids outside. We reckon visits to Munibung Hill would be worth considering when it comes to raising outdoor kids – Make it Munibung, would be our motto.

Here are Linda’s top tips …
Make it fun – may I suggest Going Around the Block, Upcycling and Old Skool Games.
Make it COOL – head to chapters on The Night Sky, Science Experiments and Dining under the stars
Make it bold – chapters on finding fossils, taking a hike and going on a road trip is where it’s at
Make it independent – just read every chapter, bar none.

The most important thing is that this kind of fun should always be child-led. Show them what’s achievable – and then let them run wild! Buy from book-stores, Australian Geographic or for loan from Lake Mac libraries.


PICTURE: Munibung Hill to the right and Warners Bay situated in the Biddabah Creek Catchment to the left. From the bushland to the lakeland and the residential land in between, the scope for learning ranges across each of these in the course of attempting to better understand where the human and the natural intersect.

Munibung Hill an ideal place of learning

LEARNING FOR LIFE AND LIFELONG LEARNING go hand in hand. For families in the northern NSW city of Port Macquarie there’s a school that adopts this method holus-bolus. It is a model that a group of local people in Lake Macquarie would like to see get off the ground.  We reckon it’s a fantastic idea and that Munibung Hill would make a great classroom in association with other locations around the area.

MMM … Issue 37, April – May 2023