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Fond childhood memories of Munibung Hill

“My mother, Nita, used to take groups of us kids up Munibung when we were little. She would prepare sandwiches for us and she’d take us up the easy way through the Hawkins’ property off Fairfax Road,” recalls Terry Mason. “We used to go up by ourselves all the time and by about 11 or 12 years old, made it ‘politely’ plain that we didn’t need to be chaperoned any longer.”

“It is amazing to look at the area (see above family photo) without all the development.”

“My mother used to lament missing walks up the hill with all the kids. It didn’t occur to me till later that she was unusual because we never saw other women her age up there and without the excuse of taking kids, it would have seemed a bit ‘strange’ for a woman in that era walking alone through the bush.”

“The hill was a fun place but was also a place for reflection. The use of Munibung Hill for motorbikes and such with the damage and noise that comes with such activity is regrettable,” said Terry.

“I look forward in the future to re-engaging with the hill after a long time away. This photo would have been about 1961/2 from memory.”  

Words and pictures courtesy Terry Mason, Warners Bay  (MHCS member)