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The nature in our neighbourhood

Top left: Map of one of the most popular walking circuits for visitors to Munibung Hill

Long weekends have taken on a new meaning since the COVID-19 restrictions were eased.  For some this spells leaving town.  For others it’s more a matter of relaxing at home with a chance to explore the local landscape.  That’s what this group of folks from the Cardiff Sustainable Neighbourhood Group did. If you are contemplating taking family and friends to Munibung Hill this walk is not your leisurely stroll in the park. The group was aged between thirty and mid-sixties. Their guide was Gavin Ord, a very experienced bush walker. Here we go >>>

From Quarry Road, Speers Point, take the red line (see map above) along the trail at the base of the cliff face, over Hawkins Creek, up the catchment slope, do a dog leg turn down to the communication tower, which is on the ridgeline, then to Valley View Lookout – looking over the flooded valley, now the Lake.. About turn, head north on what the MHCS calls the Songline Heritage trail to Ocean View Lookout. This is the place that provides visitors with the most expansive outlook of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. For those who hadn’t been before they were, as to be expected, amazed. Wow! What a place; what fantastic views. 

For the return leg, take the blue line (map above) along the Songline Heritage Trail, break away to the right along a spur that leads to Lake View Lookout and then down what some would describe as a goat track – it’s rough, rocky and steep. Not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people might need a helping hand. This leads onto a former now disused parking area that is too often the site of dumped rubbish.  Some cleaning up and we’re home’n’hosed.

Walk stats: Distance: About 5km; Time: 9.00am-11.30am, Duration: 2.5 hours (rest and photo stops included) otherwise 60 minutes or less.  Grade: 3   (From MMM Issue No.14 November 2020)