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Munibung Hill has fitness gym qualities

What do barefoot water skiing and Munibung Hill have in common?

We happened across Noel Heath in May 2020 when he was on his daily constitutional, walking the family dog.

Noel lived in Dudley for many years but moved to Macquarie Hills in 1983 and has lived there ever since (37 years).

Noel, now 79, took up barefoot water skiing in his early 50s and continued doing so until his late 60s when knee surgery put paid to it. During those 18 or so years, to keep himself fit and strong, he used to load up a backpack with a 10 kg ‘payload’ and head up Munibung Hill, through Lucilla Ridge, as part of a training regime.

Noel used to take friends on some of these walks and made a point of showing them the spring that never runs dry. It runs across a rocky area on the Hill. “People wouldn’t believe me so I’d take them to see the spring with their own eyes,” Noel said.  “There’s nothing like witnessing something for yourself.”

“Munibung Hill is a great place – a real asset for the area and the community.  Steep slopes are now out of the question for me, but from personal experience I can recommend a brisk walk up and around Munibung Hill for anyone wanting to keep in shape,” said Noel.

Interview with Noel Heath, 6 May 2020 (First published in MMM Issue # 12, September 2020)