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Families visit Munibung Hill for a walk on the wild side

Enjoying the great outdoors on Mothers Day 2020

It was a glorious sunny Sunday morning to get outdoors.  And what better place to do a spot of walking, than Munibung Hill on Mothers Day.

During a 45 minute period (10.30 – 11.15am) on 10 May, we observed 22 people walking to and from the Munibung Hill north plateau.  Accessing the track from Macquarie Hills and Lakelands, they were no doubt among many others who took advantage of the sunny weather to enjoy Munibung Hill – some for the first time, some for the first time in a long time and some as part of their regular routine.  There were families of Mum and Dad with teenage children, older couples and ‘mates who do this all the time’ as one fellow put it.

We know from other reports that greater numbers of people were (and still are) visiting Munibung Hill from the western side, so goodness knows how many were visiting from that side on Mothers Day. An estimate might be 300 people over the course of the day.

And then there were the four motor bike riders who tore up Munibung Hill at a great rate of knots tearing up the track and making their presence felt with the revving of the bike engines.  They stopped for no one, expecting walkers on the track to step aside as they roared up the slopes.  Consideration for other people – let alone the wildlife – was non-existent as evidenced by completely ignoring the clearly stated no-bike LMCC Public Reserve.signs.

Families are choosing Munibung Hill for a walk on the wild side

Check out the Pinterest website if you are searching for places to visit around the Lower Hunter area; Munibung Hill is one of them.  Newcastle Region Parks & Playgrounds, is a collection compiled by Reena Bilen founder and managing editor of Newy with Kids. There are 35 Pins with 231 followers.

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Munibung Hill is open seven days a week and is always welcoming for anyone who enters in a spirit of mutual respect and appreciation.