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Biddabah Creek Landcare

PICTURES: The Biddabah Creek Landcare site, near Windross Drive, Lakelands is getting some TLC and the chance to recover from years of neglect. The invasion of exotic plants, that have escaped suburban backyards has taken a heavy toll, but the results of the work to give the native species some breathing space is clearly visible.  Images: Vina Chubb and Gabby Clappison.

The dream team with the green team

TALK about saving the planet.  The newly established Biddabah Creek Landcare group is doing this one tree at a time.  The site is heavily infested with Morning Glory, a vine that runs along the ground until it meets a tree, and then whack, up it goes. Before long the tree is smothered, retarding growth and, if left unchecked, could kill the tree.

The team has received help from the Landcare Green Team to give the trees at the wetlands site on Biddabah Creek a chance to fight back and recover. One of the methods used is called ‘skirting’ (see picture top right) – cutting the runners of the Morning Glory that clamber up the trees, them poisoning the roots to prevent regrowth. They have done an amazing job with great results. A credit to the small but dedicated team that turn up for an hour or so to do their bit, then share a cuppa at the yarning circle at the end of the 90 metre path. 

MMM … Issue 35, December 22 – January 2023