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Adventure tale at Munibung Hill

Anytime is a good time to go exploring some place that’s new for us, especially when others have been going to that place and talking about that place in glowing terms.

Munibung Hill is one such place and while visits are nothing new for some, for many a walk, a wander over the hills at Munibung Hill is still on their to do list.

Here’s one reflection from a ‘first-timer’ who took the plunge and went walking with an ‘old-timer’ – Gavin Ord – on the April long weekend just a few weeks ago.

An Easter Rambling Tale, by Mabel S. Mahogany, April 2021 

Easter Monday morning
My intrepid colleagues and I
Met with our experienced guide
To travel up the Hill.
To see what was thrill
Surrounding this Hill.

With the weather in our favour
At Quarry Rd
We did meet.
For me, an exciting adventure
As I made my maiden walk
Entering a new world.

As we travelled along the Quarry Wall
I thought of Hanging Rock
Some remnants of its past use
Transformed to blankets
Of lush green ferns
Of different hues.

And through our guided walk
We entered the rain forest
Of beautiful gums so tall
Dotted with different types of
Fungi and lichen
And boulders with moss.

The views were spectacular.
From Marmong, Teralba and Speers Point
Our Lake we did see.
Casuarinas watched over us
And a creek bed
Ready to receive.

To think on this maiden walk
A small spectacular experience
Entices even more
To visit the Hill again
To see what other treasures
Can be absorbed.