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A push to bring the bush back onto the block

The call is getting stronger.  The voices are getting more diverse.  The push to bring the bush back into the ‘burbs – into back and front yards has been around for some time. Now its’ getting traction from more quarters and that can only be a good thing as far we’re concerned.  The nature strip is anything but natural, with manicured lawns that for the most part are the same old same old street after street.  They could become much more vibrant and support a much greater array of invertebrates and, be a sight to behold – let’s bring it on.

It’s one thing and a most critical thing, to preserve as much bushland as possible, especially to conserve the ecology of Lake Macquarie City (LMC). Bushland areas and corridors provide:

  • an increased foraging area for a wide range of species;
  • access to a diverse range of habitats; and
  • refuge from disturbance.

Corridors also provide a link between wildlife populations, which helps maintain genetic diversity.  Human activity puts pressure on bushland, with a number of plant and animal species in LMC listed as ‘vulnerable’ or ‘endangered’ because of changes to their habitat.   Anything we can do to diversify the monocultures in the suburbs would help enrich local landscapes of which the verge is a significant part.  If planted out at scale imagine the change from an aesthetic perspective.  

Check out the Munibung Hill website gallery for perhaps some plants that would be suitable to grow at your place.  Everyone can help ensure the survival of native flora and fauna by planting local native species in their backyards – and front yards including the verge / nature strip.  For inspiration click on the links, including the effervescent Costa from Gardening Australia.  Here are some links: 
Nature Strip Planting 
City of Unley Verges Planting Guide 
Greening Our Streets – Street Verge Landscape Guidelines