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Working with nature in true regenerative fashion – the Sam Vincent story

To do justice to some stories you just have to read them and in this case listen to them for yourself.  This is one of them.  We won’t dilly dally with a long introduction, but simply offer this quote from the ABC News story and then it’s best to click on the links and read the story firsthand.  That might inspire a longer offering by way of the interview with Richard Fidler, Conversations, ABC RN.

In: How Sam Vincent went from courtroom reporting to fixing fences and taking over the family farm,  Kim Huynh and Penny Travers (ABC Radio Canberra, Sun 4 Sep 2022), write that after an ‘apprenticeship’ of part time work over six years:

He started to see the land in a whole new light, and moved back to the farm in 2019 before his parents officially retired and moved to the NSW South Coast the following year.

Sam had gone from being uninterested in farming, to working full-time as a cattle and fig farmer.

The journey from farm life as a kid, to city life as a young adult, then returning to the family farm as a 29 year old custodian has become a memoir in My Father and Other Animals, by Penguin. 

There are a few takes on this one. We offer three of them: 1 – From courtroom reporting to fixing fences, ABC Radio Canberra story, 2 – Let Nature work for you, Peppermint, and 3 – Sam’s education in grit, Conversations, ABC RN, Broadcast Wed 7 Sep 2022 and repeated 22 October 2022.