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Earth is home for all of us

Earth Is My Home
For humans and other life on this planet Earth is the most precious place in the Universe. When we wonder what’s deep down under our feet or how our Earth was formed, we can find the answers to these and many other questions in this small book. Then we will have a whole new appreciation of the place where we all live.

Among The Pigeons: Why our cats belong inside
Misplaced sentimentality has promoted the irresponsible feeding of strays. The damage wrought by free-ranging cats has been largely denied or overlooked. For our own mental health and endangered wildlife worldwide, contain cats.

Hope is a verb
Amid political, social, and environ-mental anxieties, the need for humour, hope, and meaningful action has never been greater. Emily uses a six-step process to realise change, rather than despair.
Step One: Stop Freaking Out
Step Two: Change the Story
Step Three: Set Your Inner Compass
Step Four: Own Your Power
Step Five: Just Start
Step Six: Find Your People
 A light in a dark place, a friend when you’re feeling alone, a roadmap out of overwhelming situations.

Vintage Knits
People of the past knew the magic of a handmade garment — the uniqueness, the custom fit, the time and care taken by the knitter. In today’s world of mass-production, we now crave the individuality and satisfaction that comes with creating a piece of clothing for ourselves or a loved one from scratch. 

Vintage Knits presents a curated selection of patterns from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, tested and updated to make them practical for today’s knitter.

What A Plant Knows
If trees could talk … what do we think they’d say to us? and are we willing to listen?
Meet provocative thinkers who have been willing and found all kinds of wonder. Featuring:
German forester Peter Wohlleben (The Hidden Life of Trees & The Heartbeat of Trees),
Plant biologist Daniel Chamovitz (What A Plant Knows); and  Behavioural ecologist Monica Gagliano (Thus Spoke the Plant).
Each on a very different trip into the sensory world of the plants they love.

MMM … Issue 34, October-November 2022