Munibung Hill has many and varied features (♥) that have to be seen and experienced to be fully appreciated. This section of the website provides a summary of some of the reasons why people are drawn to this special part of ‘country’ as has been the case over thousands of years. Visit the gallery for a selection of plants and animals to look out for when visiting Munibung Hil  The geological aspects that are the foundation for everything that takes place in and around this special place are noted on this page. 

(♥) There’s something about this place that gets you in – that keeps people coming back. What is the appeal, the fascination, the magnetism, the drawing power, the charm, the affinity that people have for and with Munibung Hill? 

Central west views from the Quarry Road vantage point. From L to R: Lake Macquarie Art Gallery; Speers Point Variety Playground; Boolaroo Speers Point and beyond.

Lake Macquarie Art Gallery

Geological Heritage

Munibung Hill is an example of the youngest Permian geological series, 251 millions years ago, before the Triassic terestrial sediments dominate 199 millions year ago.

Lake Macquarie was formed following the Pleistecene glaciation 2.6 million years ago and lasted until about 11,600 years ago.

Sea levels only stabilised about 6,000 years ago.     

Munibung Hill features and cultural value
Cliff line eastern face. This is the exposure of the Teralba conglomerate