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Should cats stay inside?

Should cats stay inside? New laws for containment
Cat owners in the ACT will soon be forced to keep their felines inside the home under a plan to curb their impact on the environment and improve their quality of life.

Under a new ‘cat containment policy’, people who purchase a cat after July 2022 will only be allowed to let their furry friend outdoors if they are walked on a leash.   Cats that are already owned will not be required to be kept indoors.

Currently, cats in new ACT suburbs have to be kept inside or in cat runs, around the clock.

On this Facebook page there were numerous posts including this one: Morgan Louise – Bring this on! Every responsible cat owner should have them desexed, chipped and vaccinated and then kept indoors or build a cat run for them so they can be outside with out destroying the native wildlife. 60,000 happy healthy cats and kittens were put to sleep in 2018 for no reason except over breeding and being unable to home those numbers. Everyone needs to be more responsible.

MMM … Issue 31, July 2022