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Cats cost to wildlife is staggering

The damage done by feral cats and domestic cats allowed to roam, is enormous.  To think that it continues to be tolerated demonstrates the disconnect between our words expressing care and protection for wildlife and the fact that these are not supported by measures that back them up.

If we take Canberra as an example of the damage done, then these figures should prompt swift action. Every year, free-roaming but owned Canberra cats are estimated to prey on 61,000 native birds, 2,000 native mammals, 30,000 native reptiles and 6,000 native frogs.

Multiply this across the cities and towns around Australia and the numbers should send shivers down our spines. They should galvanise us into doing whatever it takes to eliminate a problem of our own making that is well within our capacity to correct.

Knox City Council in Victoria is about to introduce cat curfew regulations, in an effort to reduce the impact of domestic cats on native wildlife.  These restrictions on cat movement need to be rolled out across the country. Cat containment is not new and should be welcomed by all nature lovers.

First published in MMM, Issue 21, August 2021