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Past, present and future

THERE IS GOOD REASON to believe that we are living through an unusually influential time in human history.  The need to be good ancestors is more important than ever.
The Good Ancestors Project aims to act responsibly on behalf of the many, many people we hope will live and flourish in the future.The idea that future generations matter is both common sense and made explicit throughout many human cultures and traditions. We are living at a time of unprecedented change, and our actions today will have profound and long-lasting impacts on the future.

The fruits of long-term thinking will reveal themselves in five or ten or 30 years, when we’ve created the future we’ve always wanted. It’s claimed that we need three habits to master long-term thinking.

Independence, curiosity, and resilience are key to long-term thinking. We have to be willing to do hard, laborious, ungratifying things today — the kind of things that make little sense in the short term — so we can enjoy exponential results in the future.  Big goals often are impossible in the short term. But with small, methodical steps, almost anything is attainable.

MMM … Issue 40, October – November 2023