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Memories of good times at Munibung Hill – social media posts

PICTURE: Credit- Heath Rowley. Source: Warners Bay People and Friends.

Memories come flooding back
Social media has become one of the quickest and easiest ways to join in a conversation what would otherwise have gone begging.

POST A COMMENT ON A FACEBOOK PAGE such as Warners Bay People and Friends for example, and it becomes an open invitation for others to join in. As we all know, the subjects can cover a wide range of interests. To prove the love that people have for Munibung Hill, she attracts her fair share of comments.  Here are some of them:

8 October 2023
Munibung Hill, it’s changed a bit since I was here 30 years ago. But  the view is as good as it gets. – Glenn Paul

It’s been about 10 years since I have been through that old gate and walked across the top. Will have to do it again soon. Good view also from the top of the quarry down at the other end. – Geoff Koller

Please tell state government and council the more it is used the more it will be protected. It is vital that we protect our green spaces and Munibung is such an important area. – Gavin Robert Ord

Think the spelling is Munibung. I used to live in Alley Street on the Speers Point side. Done lots of paintings connected with it. – Barbra Elvin

I remember walking over the top for school sports, entry was near the High School then, before Lake Lands came along. – Tania Nic

I was working up there the other day, lovely how people think it’s OK to just trash the place – Hayden Wilson

Still amazing views – Cathie Cherie Gray

Brings back a lot of memories and good times with great mates – Chris Joe Hall

Such a stunning walk. We are blessed to be so close to Munibung – Heidi Rozek

4 January 2022
I am guilty of living here for almost 23 years and this is the first time I have ever done the walk to the top of Munibung Hill – gorgeous views …glad I’ve done it at last !!  My fitness leaves a lot to be desired but I made it and it wasn’t hard if you take your time.

Featured in MMM: Issue 41, Dec. 23 – Jan. 24