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Getting into the outdoors

View across Lake Macquarie (left) The assembled group on the south end of the main ridgeline, Munibung Hill (right). Picture source: Ken Linsley.

‘burbs and bush

In ‘Bush with a bit of ‘burbs’ in the last issue we reported on the circuit Greg Irwin takes as part of his keeping in shape routine. In this issue we report on a variation to that theme, as chosen by Eastlakes Walkers; this time the ‘burbs came first, followed by bush.  Here’s a word description summary.

The group of about 15 set off from Speers Point Pool. Walking along the foreshore the group turned left at the lights into Medcalf Street, Warners Bay, then into Lakelands, entering Munibung Hill at the galvanised steps at the end of Grasmere Way. This would be about the halfway mark.  Another left turn and the group is heading towards the two steep inclines leading to the hilltop proper, from which views across the lake and suburbs never cease to amaze. 

It’s then south along the ridgeline to the intersection with a right hand track. Note this point for future reference. It leads to the former quarry site where 117 residential lots are up for sale. Continue on to the southern communications tower, then veer right (west) down a series of tracks including switchbacks or zig-zags exiting at Farm Street, for the return leg to Speers Points.

This loop walk was held on 11 November 2020 before MHCS had published the 12 Great Walks of Munibung Hill.  We estimate this walk would have been about 6-7km, Duration: allow 3-4 hours.  Walking guide grade 3-4, requiring a good level of fitness.