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Getting reacquainted

Getting reacquainted with an old mate, Munibung Hill

‘Munibung Hill sits silently overseeing the landscape. I often look out my windows and contemplate what life looks like from up there. It’s been years since I went; I couldn’t remember which way to start my walk. I started to do some research and found the MHCS detailed website. It has heaps of information and gave me the confidence to head up safely.

I encourage our community to take the time and investigate this magical part of our environment. What a beautiful place to practice yoga, meditation and dadirri.’ 

Story: Gabrielle Clappison, Warners Bay Sustainable Neighbourhood Group.
Pictures: Chloris gayana, Rhodes Grass – introduced
For those who like walk stats: 8/12/2020
Entry point: Grasmere Way, Lakelands
 4.8km, 7,900 steps, 120 minutes, Walking grade 3

(First in MMM Issue 16, February 2021)