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Fox on the run

The red fox (Vulpes vulpes), brought to Australia by Europeans in the 1850s, is an ongoing and serious pest problem due to their impact on native animals and livestock. Today foxes occur over 75% of Australia and their distribution is strongly linked with that of rabbits, but that is not their only prey.  A large portion of the fox’s diet often consists of introduced and native animals. Foxes mostly prey upon animals weighing between 35 to 5500 grams. In the case of Munibung Hill, this can include possums, gliders, echidnas, bandicoots, small wallabies and more.
Many Australian mammals also have few young. So any losses to predators can make it difficult for their populations to recover. With the feral cat and the roaming domestic cat also on the prowl, we have a guerilla force lined up against innocent native animals living in fear on a daily basis.  This is a truly horrible situation that we have to face up to. The least we can do is control the roaming domestic cat.

MMM … Issue 26, February 2022