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Cats can cause calamity for innocent little critters

PICTURE: The reason cats have vertical pupils is because it increases their depth of perception while hunting at night. This fact image adds weight to the keeping-cats-contained campaign advocated by The Invasive Species Council, and wildlife advocacy groups including MHCS. Image: Supplied

A CAT is more than just an innocent ball of fur purring on the lounge room mat waiting to be fed. A cat is a hunter by nature and given half the chance will switch into this mode of action if allowed to roam outdoors.  The result is not in the best interests of the local native animals that live there. Cats at birth come equipped with faculties to outsmart their prey.  Here are three reasons why we must keep cats contained.

A cat has much more sensitive hearing than humans and their ears can be moved backwards and forwards

A cat also has much bigger eyes than humans and can see at night, meaning they are well suited to hunting native nocturnal animals,

And a cat has a very sensitive nose, adding to their range of abilities to track down native animals that might otherwise be able to hide away from predators.

The Science for Saving Species fact sheet is worth checking out. 
Produced by Wildlife Heatlh Australia it needs to be widely circulated – please share with your family, freinds and networks.