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Nature Play film was a hit

Nature Play: Take Childhood Back brings a new perspective to teaching by showcasing the Scandinavian education system and how countries in that region focus on outdoor play in early childhood and at kindergarten levels. 

Warners Bay Area Sustainable Neighbourhood Group sponsored this excellent evening that included a panel discussion after the film. 

You might have heard that children are not spending that much time outdoors anymore and about the movement to get these housebound, screen obsess-ed kids outdoors once again.

If you missed this screening at Warners Bay on 15 March, another documentary on this topic is Project Wild Thing, explaining why we need to introduce children to nature in their early years and keep this going their entire school lives. Then, when it becomes their turn to be adults and parents, nature will be a part of who they are, front and centre in their thinking – not an add on or optional extra – but rather, a part of their story.

Munibung Hill Conservation Society (MHCS) is a nature play supporter.
Munibung Hill, naturally, is a nature play teachers’ open source classroom.