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Creeks deserve names and Munibung Creek deserves rehabilitation

PICTURE: Munibung Creek is overgrown with woody plants in the section downstream of Pendlebury Road, Macquarie Hills.

A creek with no name, is a terrible shame

MANY CREEKS do not have a name. In fact many people don’t even realise that these waterways are creeks.

Because of the urban development that has taken place in Lake Macquarie, it is difficult to tell where many creeks begin and where they end up.  Few remain in a natural condition and may be piped underground, lined with concrete, eroded and weed infested, being no longer recognisable as creeks.

Naming these creeks will give them an identity, making people more aware of their existence as well as giving local communities a sense of ownership for the creek.

By recognising that our waterways are creeks, rather than drainage channels, people may also be more likely to prevent stormwater pollution from entering them.

Source: Creek naming request, Lake Mac City Council. 2019


Revitalisation of Munibung Creek long overdue

HUNTER WATER FIRST PROPOSED rehabilitating the section of Munibung Creek between Pendlebury Road and Gorleston Terrace in Cardiff in 2019. The plan was to:

  • maintain the natural appearance of the waterway
  • stabilise the banks and creek bed to prevent further erosion
  • protect adjoining property and buildings from erosion
  • reduce the build-up of rubbish and weeds.

According to the project overview, a detailed design has been prepared for the rehabilitation, and feedback from nearby residents and businesses noted.

But we’re still waiting. As one of only two officially named creeks that has its headwaters on Munibung Hill, we are interested to see that this planned revitalisatioin gets completed. We have been assured that 2024 is the year.

As part of this we’d like to see Munibung Creek named as a creek and not passed off as a drain or engineered channel. Signs at Pendlebury Road, Gorleston Terrace and Munibung Road, would be helpful reminders to residents that there is a waterway in their neighbourhood.

MMM Issue 42, February-March 2024