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Cats to be contained indoors 24/7

A regional council’s decision to impose a 24-hour curfew on domestic cats could extend pets’ lives, according to Australia’s peak animal welfare group, writes Daniel Miles (ABC Reporter for South West Victoria, Wednesday 19 April, 2023).  The story posted on the ABC News website under the title Surf Coast Shire’s new 24-hour cat curfew could extend pets’ lives, RSPCA says, lists three key points:

  • The Surf Coast Shire is introducing a 24-hour cat curfew in September
  • The RSPCA says there’s evidence keeping cats inside can extend their life span
  • The move follows similar decisions by councils in Melbourne and regional Victoria

Cats across the Surf Coast Shire in south-west Victoria will need to remain at their owners’ premises at all hours of the day and night from September 30. 

It expands on a previous rule introduced in 2001 that forced city cats indoors between 8pm and 6am.

“Given there was already a legal requirement that cats are not allowed to trespass on other people’s property, the six month transition period should be enough time to prepare,” Cr Gazzard said.

 Cr Gazzard said cats harming wildlife was one of the biggest concerns of respondents to a survey on cat laws. “As well as helping prevent harm to wildlife, cat curfews improve the health and safety of cats,” she said.  Pictured at right, Kate Gazzard says residents are in support of the cat curfew.(Image supplied: Surf Coast Shire Council)

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