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The Future is Fungi

The Future is Fungi
The kingdom of fungi has survived all five major extinction events. They are the architects of the natural world, integral to all life. They sustain critical ecosystems, recycling nutrients and connecting plants across vast areas, and help to produce many staples of modern life, such as chocolate, bread, detergent and penicillin. Today, in the face of urgent ecological, societal and spiritual crises, fungi are being engineered to grow food, create new sources of medicine, produce sustainable biomaterials, and remediate the environment..    Available at Lake Mac libraries.

Peculiar Pairs
Incredible natural relationships deserve to be explored and celebrat-ed. Discover 60 of the most peculiar pairs in nature and learn how plant and animal species rely on each other for their survival. A fresh take on the animal kingdom from author and illustrator Sami Bayly.  Investig-ating all types of relation-ships, from symbiotic to parasitic, this is an eye-opening guide to the natural world. Many species steer clear of those who are different, but the animals and plants in this book have evolved to form relationships with some of the most unlikely partners, and they couldn’t live without them.  For loan at Lake Mac libraries.

The Depopulation Imperative: How many people can the earth support?
This is the 16th book by Paul Collins. Population, or more accurately overpopulation, has worried Collins for many years because every environmental problem that the earth faces eventually comes back to humans and their impact on the world. With 7.9 billion people using an earth and a half of resources every year, it is hard to imagine how this growth can continue.

The Plastic Problem

What we’ve made we can unmake. Having made plastic and created an almighty problem for every aspect of the natural world – including  us. We need to get on with sorting out the mess, in every way possible.
This book identifies four major problems and then sets about providing resolutions including sixty (60) practical actions we can take to start the turnaround needed to get fossil fuel plastic out of our lives.
Available at Lake Mac libraries.
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