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Students get guided tour

PICTURE: Assembled after a guided inspection of the wetlands site, Lakelands.   Back row: Vina Chubb, MHCS, Stuart Carter, MHCS, Associate Professor Michelle Duffy (Geography and Environmental Studies), Jakob Kaldec (working with Michelle), Dr Craig Evans (Environmental Science and Management);  Front row: Dr Alex Callen (Environmental Science and Management), Christie Maylon (working with Alex), Annabe Hanthorn – working with Craig and Margaret, Dr Margaret Platell (Environmental Science and Management), Dr Liam Phelan (Environmental Science and Management) and project co-ordinator.


Summer research projects 

STUDENTS PARTICIPATING in Summer Scholarships awarded by the University of Newcastle are studying aspects of Munibung Hill that will help to expand our understanding of what makes the Hill such a unique and treasured place. We have these gut feelings and observations to base our appreciation on, and this is sufficient most of the time, but it helps to be able to back this up with data and scientific studies. 

MMM … Issue 36, February – March 2023