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Story on the wrap

PICTURE: Cultural Choice is an indigenous stationary and office supplies company that feature Aboriginal art work in the packaging of their product range. Artwork painted by Fletcher Watson.

Paper comes with a wrapping story

Australia’s First Nations people would travel across trading routes, songlines, and sacred pathways which would guide them and connect indigenous groups and clans throughout the entire landscape of Australia. 

A thriving economy existed through people trading their goods for items they did not have. Fletcher’s artwork depicts Australia’s indigenous trade that has existed for many thousands of years and continues today.  For Fletcher, this continues through the trade of the Cultural Choice product range to our customers.

The blue colours represent the ocean and water surrounding Australia, and the earth colours represent the vast land people would travel across. The footprints represent the many journeys heading  back and forth to the meeting places where people would gather to trade and exchange goods such as boomerangs, clapping sticks, baskets, food and much more.

The meeting place is a safe, respectful cultural place where people would connect, eat, share stories, dance and learn from one another.  The paper is available from Officeworks through the online order department.

MMM … Issue 30, June 2022