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Protect Munibung Hill for future generations

PICTURE: Cardiff Probus at the top of the ridge at Munibing Hill,  Picture courtesy Ken Lindsley 28 August 2013

Regular walker at Munibung Hill, Ken Linsley, tells us about living in the area and enjoying this magnificent landscape.

“I walked through these paddocks on a regular basis and up to the top of Munibung Hill. When the kids came along they joined me on walks up there as well. Occasionally we would see the Hawkins family down in their yard and wave to them and they would wave back, happy to see people on the Hill as long as they were being responsible.” said Ken, whose familiarity with Munibung Hill extends back over 40 years. 

“A lot of changes have happened since then with more houses and people in the area with many of these encroaching on the original Munibung Hill landscape.

“I still walk on Munibung once or twice a week to keep fit and to enjoy the views, and nearly every time I would see others walking around. One time I counted 17 adults and kids with accompanying dogs.

Cardiff Probus has walked up to the top of the hill (see picture). Sport and Recreation groups have also walked up there. I remember one time, we came up from Warners Bay, up the eastern side of the hill through Lakelands, up to the top of Munibung and then down through the quarry to the council chambers to use the toilets, then to Speers Point and back to Warners Bay. Looking back on it that was a great walk,” Ken said.

“On my walks I have seen eagles, finches and other birds and animals which I was able to point out to my grandkids. 

“It’s very important that Munibung Hill be reserved for future generations to enjoy as well.”

Ken talks about a fire that came through from Teralba in the 1980’s, jumped the lake across to the south western side of Munibung and down though Macquarie Hills destroying several houses on it’s way to Tingara Heights.

“I understand that the top of Munibung is zoned environmental conservation, that it should not be built on, but councils are known for changing zonings when it suits them so further steps should be undertaken to ensure this doesn’t happen.”

Ken Linsley, 29 April 2019
Ken has lived in Macquarie Hills for 50 years and has witnessed a lot of changes in the area in that time. Originally there was bush behind their house except for the two original houses and he would wake up to the mooing of the cows in the paddocks at the top of Lawson Road.